Central Camden Primary Care Network (PCN)


Primary Care Networks have been in place since 1st July 2019, they are a group of GP practices that work closely together with other primary and community care staff and health care organisations to provide integrated services to their local communities and patients. 

We have 9 GP practices in Central Camden PCN, they are:

We look after 81,712  of Central Camden's residents across these 9 GP practices. Our clinical directors in Central Camden are Dr Ammara Hughes and Dr Farzad Entikabi, Dr Hughes is a GP at Bloomsbury Surgery and Dr Entikabi is a GP at Swiss Cottage Surgery, and we also work closely with community pharmacists and other local community leaders.  

What benefits do Primary Care Networks have for patients?

  • They offer a larger range of care services that will be close to patient's homes, as well as improved access
  • PCNs merge with a wider range of health and community services
  • Patients will be able to receive support for more complicated conditions, and will have access to the health and care services that can support them
  • Patients will be able to have more of a role in making decisions around their own health and the care they receive

General Practices will be working closely with their patient participation groups and the wider local community to keep the benefits of Primary Care Networks in place and working. It is important that patients are listened to, as it is their health and care that general practices are there to support. 

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At Central Camden PCN, we update our Instagram with any interviews or useful information. At the moment it is mainly focused around the COVID-19 vaccine roll out in Central Camden.

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Our GP federation (Camden Health Evolution)  has a Twitter account and they share content to do with the work we carry out on our behalf.

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